What type of gear do you shoot with?

We use the right tool for the job! We're ready to run-n-gun with whatever filmmaking tools are needed for the story. We operate any camera or gear needed for the job, including RED, Sony, Canon, DJI, Blackmagic, Kessler, Movi, Rhino, Manfrotto, Sennheiser. 

How big is your crew?

We can scale to any size necessary, from a small two-man, run-n-gun shoot, to a full scale, multi-day production.

Do you have experience with green screens shoots?

Yes we can work with special effects teams to shoot clean green screen footage for chroma keying.

Do you handle post production?

Yes, by handling both production and editing in-house, we're able to offer tremendous creative control and freedom, usually along with quicker turnarounds. If you need special effects and animation we can work with one of our trusted partners.

What is a turnaround time?

This of course depends on your needs. Just let us know if you have a tight deadline and we're more than happy to work to the best of our ability to meet it.